TLDR: The pre-order of my book, Paranoid Transformer, completely generated by a bunch of neural networks, is now open. In this post you can find some story behind it.

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Today starts NaNoGenMo, the annual challenge for automatic text generation. To participate you have to write and publish a code that generates a literary text at least 50K words long. I have not yet decided whether I will participate this year, but last year I took part, and now I will tell you what came of it, just to close the gestalt.

A year ago I made and submitted a combination of two neural networks: the first is a conditional GPT generator, pre-trained on a bunch of cyberpunk and cypherpunk texts, aphorisms, and complex authors like Kafka and Rumi. The second is a BERT filter, which rejects boring and clumsy phrases and keeps valid and shiny ones. I trained this filter on a manual markup, the main part of which was done by Ivan Yamshchikov. In the end, it turned out as a pretty good generator of cyber-paranoid delusions in English. …


Aleksey Tikhonov, Data Analyst @ Yandex

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