TLDR: I tried to automate the formation of ligatures in style of Slavic calligraphy, called a monospaced Vyaz. A gallery with examples of results can be found here. Details are below.


There is an old Slavic calligraphy tradition, called ‘Russian monospaced Vyaz’ or just ‘Vyaz’. It’s unique in terms of special forms and rules of ligature generation. For example, take a look at works of a contemporary artist Viktor Pushkarev.

TLDR: As a part of a funny online competition called Nano-NaNoGenMo we managed to craft the 123 bytes Perl script for a Markov Chain text generation; 139 bytes in total with a shell command (and even shorter if we allow some input file tweaking, see the remark at the very bottom of the post).


I already wrote something about the annual competition for automatic novel text generation, National Novel Generation Month (also known as NaNoGenMo). During November…

TLDR: As part of a series of experiments on generating text with neural networks, at some point, I came up with the not-so-fresh idea of the colors names generation.

And now for some more details:

At first, I checked if someone had done something like this before me, and of course, I found a similar project: there, a researcher from Colorado, Janelle Shane used the 7700 color names base from…

Aleksey Tikhonov, Data Analyst @ Yandex

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